Marsella Edmonds

Hi my name is Marsella! For people who know me know this is pretty big…actually it’s a massive deal for me to post photos of myself in my bare-ness! I NEVER do this, but here I am as I want to share the benefits I am experiencing! ….Recently I have been unwell. I have been on a range of medication that has left me at my biggest weight, climbing from74kgs to 84kgs….my biggest ever other than pregnancy. This is an update of only 14 days into the 30 day GHI programme, I am so inspired and wanted to share my midway results. I had a 5kg loss the first week as my body totally loved the healthy eating and getting rid of the meds responsible for huge weight gain in such a short time! I peed like a trooper!!! From left to right….Day 1, day 7 then day 14!  A total 7.1kgs which I credit to fluid retention and plain yucky adipose fat. Adipose fat is the inner fat which is necessary but not in excess. This fat makes us sick and is responsible for many illnesses as it bulks up around our organs and suffocates them. My goal for the next 2 weeks is to hit a 10kg minimum total loss to inherit health for my body and kick my illness to the kerb!  I’ll do an update after 30 days!

Stanley Cocker

Hi my name is Stanley Cocker. I’m 44 years old, Tongan from Auckland, married with two beautiful daughters.  I was always a pretty active person, what ever sports there was I’d give it a go, but my main sport was rugby.  For the last five years I’ve had knee problems, which for me was a big thing. Whenever I’d put on weight I’d hit the Road & Run and lose a few kgs.  With bad knees and an inability to run, my tool for losing weight was gone, resulting in massive weight gain and at my heaviest weighed 121kgs. Guthealth International saved my life. I lost 30kgs and feel better than I have in over 10 years. There was plenty of food to eat and I was never hungry.  Having completed the programme and losing the weight, with no exercise required (I must add) has had me focus on my desire to share how easy and awesome this programme is and help people who may have been like me, had no other way of losing weight. Take a leap of faith and join us!

Nathan Te Miha

Kia ora my name is Nathan!  I’ve always been a fit and active person, but I know you can’t out train a poor diet. Since doing the GHI programme I cleaned up my eating and learnt which foods are great for my body. I have managed to shift the fat I never could when I was training alone. This made me realise that the programme would be perfect for others who train hard but can’t shift the last bit of weight! I lost 11.6kgs of fat and feel so much better, leaner and stronger. If you can commit 30 days of your life, you will feel so proud of your results.

Rebecca Broad

Hi there, my name is Rebecca and I am a working wife and mum of one 7 year old daughter, living in Perth. I started this programme in November 2018, after being inspired by the amazing stories of others, including my awesome coach. I have always had a challenge with weight, and found exercise alone was never enough. I struggled with years of IVF, and found that the more drugs I pumped into myself, the bigger I got, and the more excuses I made for my weight. I also found the bigger I got, the more injuries I got when trying to exercise, and the less I wanted to do something about it. I started at 105kg, and have so far lost 25kg and over 80cm. I’ve also gone from shopping for size 18-20’s down to 12-14’s. Healthy gut = healthy life = new wardrobe! I have set myself small goals – getting under 100kg, losing 10kg, and my latest was to get from Obese to Overweight. Next goal – 30kg and I know with the help and support from the amazing team at Guthealth International, I can achieve it.

Suzie Harris

I’m not so much a yo-yo dieter as, just always trying to lose weight! I’ve tried some plans/programmes over the years but mostly have tried to focus on healthy eating. I’ve always been ‘large’ even though I’m not tall! Even at my most active, I’ve always been overweight. I went to a nutritionist and worked do hard on being healthy and following the plan, at the end of 4/5 months, I’d lost about 7kg, not bad…. but my colleague had lost over 20kg in the same amount of time!! I wanted to know her secret! Initially the idea of supplements put me off but I got more information and found out that none of them replace food and are things that occur in our diet or our body naturally. I also took the information to my doctor and got the go ahead so all that was left to do was take the leap of faith. In my first round, I lost 7kg, even though I took a day or two off around Christmas and New Year. To date, I’ve lost almost 15kg and I’m ready to start another cycle I’m still around 20kg from my goal weight and know I can get there with GHI.

Latu Laulusa

About more than a month ago we decided as a family, my husband me and our girls, to do something about our body growing sideways instead of upwards lolz. The doctor diagnosed my husband as borderline diabetes and also prescribed him medication for high blood pressure.  I thought to myself at the time heck no, we’re too young to be getting all that!  We knew for sure that something had to change and we decided to do it as a family.  Right about then we saw a post from our sis Melequeenie Fretton about her Guthealth International Journey.  She described how it changed her life and helped her with her diabetes as well, so we decided to enquire about it.  After seeing the major change in her body plus her health, we decided to join the programme.

Joining was the best decision that we have made as a family. Today is day 30, under the Guthealth International programme and also our ever so helpful and encouraging Coach Guthealth. We did our weighing in this morning and thrilled with our progress so far.  My husband has lost a total of 15.5kg’s, I have lost 10kg’s, and my older girl has lost 14kg’s, and my younger one 6kg’s (adjusted programme as she is still at school) that’s a total of nearly 46 kg’s in 30 days from our family… it feels so good.

With the right mindset, preparation of meals, discipline, and drinking 3 liters of water a day, it truly helped to transform us and our way of thinking about what we put in our mouths. We still have a way to go, but we are committed to the journey, this is for life, a whole family transformation. Here’s to a healthy gut and a healthy life.

Lynette Dixon

My name is Lynette, I started my GHI journey at 74kgs. In just 30 days I lost 7kgs. I was completely wrapped with the result and how easy it was.

This programme has taught me so much about the importance of my guthealth plus I found:

  • The daily losses were so motivating
  • I had improved energy levels
  • My brain fog was gone
  • Most importantly my blood pressure reduced
  • I had reduced hot flushes.

To say I feel better is an understatement, Guthealth International changed my life.  If you suffer from any of the discomforts I mentioned, this programme could change your life s well!

Teresa Langley

Hi! Over way too many years I’ve tried every diet under the sun and have always ended up weighing the same if not more a few months later! Depressed and sick of over-excessing yet again, my hubby and I were drawn to the GHI programme which guaranteed significant weight loss, and, with the aide of nutritional support, would also heal our gut in the process. Together we lost a combined weight of 25kg in just 30 days and it’s been the best investment we have made for ourselves! GHI has changed our mindset. We absolutely love the food and we are in control of our weight – not the other way around! Do yourself a favour, invest in yourself today. You are worth it.

Adrienne Subritzky

Hi everyone. My name is Adrienne Subritzky. I’m “made in the 50’s” and am now a mother/step-mother of five adults and Nana/Nanny of 10 moko.  I began this amazing Gut Health journey in Sept 2017. I was going through some trying times then and had “blossomed” to 77kgs. I’m only a shorty and my app told me my ideal was in the mid-50’s. I was depressed within myself, felt gluggy and frumpy and was starting to wear what I call “tent” clothes. I had a puku that just wouldn’t go away, even with exercise; I had shankles!! So I decided to start my journey. I had some ups and downs for sure, but all told I lost 15kgs in my 30days. I was so happy. I could touch my toes while standing! I was no longer looking at size 16’s. My shoes were loose on my feet!! My shankles had gone! My colleagues asked me what I was doing and said I was glowing.

Maintaining is so easy with Guthealth International.

Come join us!

Karen Tenana

I have tried so many different diets and eating plans over the years I was quite sceptical that the Guthealth International programme would work for me.  I am so glad I was proven wrong!

Not only have I lost 12kgs but I have managed to maintain that weight loss which is unheard of for me. My gut health is now so much better than it has been for the last 30 years and I have so much more energy, my skin and hair are amazing and I just feel better both inside and out!

I am so grateful that I took a leap of faith.

Te Iwi Ngaro Dunn

Mauriora whānau my name is Te Iwi Ngaro and I am 41. We have been navigating life changing waters and being a ‘wellness warrior’ has enabled us to traverse these waters and guide our whānau whānui through some rough terrain. I have spent a lot of time and resource supporting my husband on a number of weight loss endeavours. These amounted to some change but ultimately were not sustainable, we put it down to being a whānau who worked hard and ate lots, no hope, ‘this was our lot’ became our collective mantra.  I joined Guthealth International to support my husband, not realising that it was the weight loss endeavour that works, because I too am benefiting from my own Guthealth journey. It is not just about the ‘weight loss it is about our whānau wellbeing. We have done this together and it has not only shifted the weight it has shifted how we look at food, how we look at our hauora, our lives together – it has literally transformed our whole whānau, this is why I am sharing my testimony.

Take a leap of faith and join us!

Brent Dunn

Mauriora whānau my name is Brent Dunn and I am 41 years old my wife and I are a team on this kaupapa but I want to share my story and hope that it will resonate with you and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and take a leap to healthier living. In my younger adult life I was a very fit & active person and I could eat what ever I wanted. But as I got older and stopped keeping fit I carried on eating like my body could handle it and of course it didn’t. Gout started hitting my body and I had trouble sleeping and breathing which ended with me sleeping with a apnea machine. I have tried most of the fads, including the ones that you have all tried in one time or another, but with no success. GHI is the first kaupapa that made me look beyond the programme and focus on what I was putting in to my gut and how I could change this for the better and the results are amazing. I am reaping the benefits of becoming a Wellness Warrior.  So to my whānau out there please if you have a burning question or you are just unsure reach out and you will get the support you need to get started!

Te Ruinga Nymann

Hi there… my name is Te Ruinga Nyman and this is my story!

My family has a history of Cardiac issues. My older sister had Bypass surgery, my parents and several siblings have passed away from Cardiac related issues and my younger sister was about to have a Quadruple Bypass – needless to say that scared the heck out of me. Although I was Cardiac Healthy the realisation I too could be up for this was the wake up call I needed! I started this journey with Guthealth International in 2017 at 101.7kgs. I dropped 12.2kgs in Phase 1 and 2 (30 days) and a further 5.3kgs on Phase 3 (long term maintenance). I know what feeling out of control with weight gain is like. Thanks to this programme I’ve learnt to make healthier food choices and now I have a better understanding of the importance of maintaining a healthy gut. This is a complete lifestyle change and I won’t be going back my old ways – it’s far too risky for me. The lifestyle change is worth it, healthy gut, healthy life. If you need to make a change that is sustainable beyond the programme, this programme works!

Wendy Soutar

I stumbled across the GHI programme by accident. Scrolling through Facebook, and there was an ad: ‘lose weight without exercise’ . Was I sceptical? Absolutely!  But I thought, what if it works? What have I got to lose? So, I took a leap of faith and gave it a try! My father passed away in March 2018 from a heart condition, diabetes etc, and I didn’t want to follow in his footsteps. Plus, I myself had hit the Menopause stage of life and my waist & hips had increased substantially, I felt lethargic and generally “frumpy”. Within 30 days of starting the programme I had kissed 15 kgs goodbye – gone forever. I have now maintained my new weightloss for over 7 months.  Alongside substantial weightloss other benefits I experienced. I felt “alive” with energy levels through the roof, my eczema had cleared, my hair and nails had grown stronger, even the menopause symptoms were more bearable! I am so excited by my success and the simplicity of the GHI programme! “Trust me, join us, take a leap of faith! You are ONE decision away from a completely different life.”

Gaye Potter

Hi there, by way of introduction, my name is Gaye. To be honest, I had given up on being able to lose to weight, having tried most “fads”. My tummy was unhappy and that made me unhappy. But my friend and workmate @StaceyDay was trying the GHI program and boy was it working. “I couldn’t do that” I would say to her, “yes you can”, was her reply, “just give it 30days”.  So I did. I’m generally very unorganised and didn’t give much thought to food , let alone preparing it, but with GHI, I make the choice, from an approved list, what to eat, it gives me the control and accountability. I felt the inflammation in my body disappear, I still feel the lightness . My tummy settled and remains this way. I feel and exude energy and mental clarity that I have not had for a long time, the fog has lifted! The coaches are awesome, the programme is simple, real, and doable. Most importantly I have lived this lifestyle for 6 months now, and feel great for it everyday.

Honor-Lisa Smith

Hi there I’m a 46 year old mother of 6 children and I am finally living life!  My journey with Gut Health International has helped me to lose 23kg and maintain this weight for over 12 months. After years of yo-yo dieting and struggling with maintaining my weight in between the birth of my children I have found my happy place with this programme. This is not only about weight loss but more importantly about investing in yourself and nurturing your health. I now have so much more energy to enjoy everyday life with my busy family, nothing is a challenge anymore.

Bronwen Heaven

I have tried possibly every diet out there to lose weight but failed every time to keep any weight loss off – as well as nearly made myself broke in the process!

When I saw my mate Karen at netball looking super fabulous after only doing 30 days on the programme, I wanted to do what she was doing!  I started GHI in May 2018 and haven’t regretted it!  I lost 9.8kg in my first round and a further 6kg the secon time round. I have maintained and kept the weight off – and was so happy I didn’t put on my usual 10kg over summer at the beach!  Life is good… take a leap of faith, it really works!

Mia Gilvray

When I started the supplements I noticed my energy levels significantly picked up, I was sleeping much better and waking up well rested. I also noticed my tummy wasn’t so bloated. I wasn’t that hungry as the nutrition supported and sustained me through out the day. In my first cycle I lost 7kg and during the festive season I was able to maintain and lost an extra 3kg’s! I noticed I was definitely reshaping my body, cellulite started disappearing and I was back into my size 10 clothes more comfortably.

Starting the GHI programme was a decision to INVEST in ME so I can take better care of my family and feel more confident in myself.

Jen Murray

Hey I’m Jen from Welly! We all have a story or a ‘why’ and we all have excuses about the why we cant! I too have tried untold methods of losing weight, largely unsuccessfully I might add.  I happened across ‘GutHealth International’ in July 2018, took a leap of faith and joined the programme.  It is honestly the best thing I ever did!  The programme is so easy to follow, you get great support and encouragement from the coaches and also from the other customers on programme.

Stacey Day

Hello! My name is Stacey Day.  I have tried every diet ever created (cabbage soup anyone!).  I came across Guthealth International in July 2018 and have never looked back.  GI offered real food and up to 10-15kgs a month to be lost. Fast forward to the end of the first month and I lost 11.2kgs! I set off on holiday to Bali feeling a lot better about myself.  I am now finishing up round 4, I have lost 25kgs in total and over 80cm. I have cleared out three wardrobes full of clothes as I have lost 4-5 dress sizes (20/22 – 14).  This program works. It’s easy, it makes sense and it’s affordable I’m still not sure where I would like to end up, to be completely honest, I can’t quite believe I am in a size 14, it’s been several years since the clothes tags showed those numbers! But at least I have the correct mindset now and know with the support of this programme I will never buy a size 22 ever again. For those of you unsure about whether to take a leap of faith, be like me and just give it 30 days, this programme is easy and everyone is so supportive.

Melequeenie Fretton

Hey there, my name is Melequeenie – Queenie to my family and friends. Over the years after having 3 kids you tend to let go of yourself, and that’s what happened to me. I stopped looking after myself and started caring for my family. I kept gaining weight, my heaviest at 110kgs. I always had a problem with my gut, no matter how many diets or core exercises I did, I could never seem to lose the tummy. I was introduced to the GHI programme by my friend, I was sceptical at first but after doing some reading and research & seeing what it can do for my gut and my health, I didn’t hesitate. If it’s going to help lose my mummy tummy then why not! I vowed to my husband “This will be the last one.” and thank God he had faith in me. Throughout my journey, I’ve lost 10kgs in 6 weeks, I am down 2 dress sizes and have lost 74cm around my whole body and am aiming to lose another 10kgs by the end of 2 months. My health has improved, and my gut has restored itself and shrinking. Now I am full of energy and have a new zest for life, but most of all I love myself. Not because I look damn fine lol but because I believed in myself, gave it a go and I never looked back. Being on this programme has changed my life, and I know it can change yours as well. If I can do it, you can too!

Collette Lelo-Matthews

Hi there, my name is Collette and I am a wife and mum working full time. I also have three challenging young adults who have their own opinions on life. I recently got married in February 2019 (one of my many dreams that has finally come true). Prior to this; I had tried many diets and exercise programs that initially worked but then the weight piled on again. I like many others unfortunately let life get in the way. I also had issues with comfort eating when I was stressed out. I was introduced to this programme by my older sister Teresa Anthony who had been enjoying the programme and I noticed a significant change in her. I was intrigued and wanted to know more as I knew that I had my wedding I needed to plan for and I wanted to look and feel good for my special day. I started the programme in August 2018 and when I did my initial weigh in, I was shocked at the amount of weight that I had actually put on. I had never let myself get to this point in life before and I was actually disappointed that I was letting my health and wellbeing go. It was time for a change and I was determined that I would smash the goals that I had set for myself. I was prepared to do the hard yards and sacrifice all the comfort foods that I had been so used to eating as I knew the benefits for me would be well worth it in the end. My initial weigh in was 87kgs and after a round I managed to lose 9.5kgs. I was extremely happy with myself and wanted to share this amazing programme with others that I love and cherish. After doing the programme I can honestly say that my health has improved, I have more energy to enjoy with my family!

Rosie Bywater

Kia ora my name is Rosie.  I have completed three phases of the GHI program and now am in the lifestyle phase four. I am currently 8.8kg down sitting at 65kg from 73.8kgs and feeling 100%. I’ve finally been able to shift those unwanted rolls and control my temptation for sugar :).

I had been contemplating for many months to take a leap of faith after seeing my friends amazing results.  I have gained large amounts of knowledge creating better food habits that I will continue to use for the rest of my life making this such a great lifestyle programme as well as regained a little self confidence and pride back in myself.  If you start today you will start seeing results one day earlier than if you start tomorrow.