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We are excited to share our wonderful programme with you and we give you our pledge to provide you excellent support as you begin your journey to better guthealth and weightloss!

We are proudly New Zealand owned and operated and pride ourselves on providing the best support possible for all our Customers. We have a committed and experienced Team of Coaches and Health Professionals who live in New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and many other countries. The successful outcomes and testimonies of improved Guthealth and overall health have far exceeded expectations resulting in customer numbers exceeding over 10,000 in our first year alone.

Once you start the programme you could lose up to 10-15% of your starting body weight in as little as 30 days.You are not dropping muscle tissue, you are not dropping water, you’re actually dropping body fat. With Guthealth International (GHI) you will lose body fat, and learn how to maintain this for life!

Our programme involves the purchase of Mōdere nutritional support products and a detox and weight loss plan that you will follow for 30 – 60 days. It’s 100% effective if you follow the programme principles. This is an opportunity for people who want to change their lives by losing weight, enhancing their mood, and increasing their energy levels. We promise that you’re investing your money and time wisely, we have helped thousands of people reclaim their life.

Join us today, and start living your best life!

Our 4 Simple Programme Phases

Phase 1: The First 3 Days

The first step to healing your gut and rapid weight loss is to remove foods making you sick, leaving you toxic, overweight, and feeling zapped of energy.You will stabilise your blood sugar, get your appetite under control, deal with withdrawals and cravings, balance your hormones and start to burn fat. During these 3 days you will very quickly become a fat burning body rather than a fat storage body and start to lose weight. In phase 1 you eat whenever you are hungry, but can only eat from an ‘allowed foods’ list. There is an extensive variety of low calorie foods to choose from (check out our example day).

Phase 2: Fat Loss & Detox (27 Days)

This phase is vital to improve your digestion and heal your gut. Fats, Oils, Sugars and refined Carbs are eliminated from your daily food intake and you will consume a modified low calorie diet choosing from an ‘Allowed Foods List’. You are not required to calorie count however you will need to weigh your protein and vegetable portions. This will become second nature and is very easy to follow. You’ll start to feel energised by the richness of a power-packed, phytonutrient-dense way of eating.This is also where a lot of healing takes place.The focus during this phase is on ‘Mono Eating’ – which means one protein plus one vegetable per meal. This is key to weight loss and cleaning your gut. You will notice your body start to change as it becomes accustomed to burning fat stores.You will not only lose weight – you will also lose inches/centimetres.

Phase 3: Maintenance

The focus in phase 3 is to continue to keep your hormones in balance – particularly your insulin levels (insulin is the hormone responsible for the uptake of fat in cells).You’ll learn to integrate more foods back into your daily food routine, and increase your daily caloric load without undoing your good work, keep your gut clean and maintain your Healthy Lifestyle.
When you reach the end of phase 3, at this point if you have more weight to lose you simply repeat the GHI programme from phase 1 until you reach your goal weight. Once your goal has been achieved you can move to phase 4, for long-term maintenance of your new healthy body.

Phase 4: Healthy Lifestyle

You will learn how to eat with an 80/20 focus. This means 80% of the time you will continue to eat from any of the allowed foods lists from any of the 3 phases, particularly the foods you have learnt your body loves. You do not need to worry too much about the increase in food, just eat till you are full. Here is where is gets exciting 20% of the time you can be indulgent without it affecting your waistline. This phase is all about balance, understand the balance and you will enjoy your svelte figure for life.

Getting Started

When you sign up to become a member of our GHI programme you will receive:

  • 8 nutritional support products

  • Support from your own personal GHI coach

  • Access to our private online support group

  • a 30 day food journal

  • a recipe booklet from world renown author and chef Bridget Foliaki Davis

  • a weekly food planner and shopping list plus

  • access to a weight loss tracker for greater accountability.

Programme Cost

$330 NZD

$276.45 AUD

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