Programme Investment

Our programme is everything you need!

It is affordable and effective to support you to change your life and lifestyle. In order to access the programme, you only need to purchase Mōdere nutritional support products.

Typically you will find that you save money through not buying so many groceries, drinks and junk food!  Our programme uses top quality Mōdere nutritional products for optimum weight loss and health benefits.

There are no monthly membership fees or additional costs. Once you purchase the Mōdere nutritional support products, you will gain full access to the programme, and our online community plus your own one to one Coach, without paying anything extra.

We believe in you and we want you to succeed.

Mōdere and Guthealth International are dedicated to helping you “live clean and live your best life”.

About Mōdere

At GHI, our coaches are proud Mōdere Social Marketers.  With your permission we will help you to create a new Mōdere account and place the required nutritional support in your new Mōdere account.  You pay Mōdere directly for your nutritional support and this gives you full access to the GHI programme, one to one support, GHI resources including access to our members only webpage and our online community all for free.  You will become a Mōdere customer linked to your GHI coach.  Mōdere will pay your coach a small commission of approximately $23.  As a new customer, this means you only need to make one transaction.  This helps us to keep the overheads for GHI super low and provide you with excellent value for money.

Mōdere products are backed by over 25 years of top-quality research, and a dedication to safer ingredient selection unparalleled in the industry.  Mōdere supplements will be responsible for supporting your gut and giving your body the nutritional support that is needed to safely follow a low calorie programme during the detox phase.  This is important to understand because whilst we should get all of our nutrients from the food we consume, the fact is micronutrient sufficiency is currently not being achieved through food solutions alone.

Research has shown that modern farming practices have stripped our soil of many essential nutrients, which means fewer nutrients end up in our food.  Simply put while you are eating a low calorie food plan, made up of lots of fresh leafy greens and protein, you will supplement your diet with a tailored selection of Mōdere nutritional products to ensure your body is receiving all the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to functional optimally with a focus on repairing poor gut-health.

If you are a Mōdere customer, discuss your health and wellness needs with your Mōdere customer support representative.

Phases 1 & 2:

nutritional cleansing support for
the first 30 days

$330 NZD

$276.45 AUD

Brand new to GHI and Mōdere? Order today, for a $10 new customer credit and recieve all this value for only $330 NZD or $286 AUD:

  • 8 Mōdere nutritional cleansing products

  • exclusive access to our members only website

  • GHI Programme guide

  • coaching support

  • access to our online support group

  • 30 day GHI food journal

  • recipe e-book from chef Bridget Foliaki-Davis

  • weekly food planner and shopping list plus

  • access to a weight loss tracker for greater accountability.