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The Guts

The GHI programme has been carefully designed to maximise your body’s ability to burn stored fat and correct poor gut-health. It really isn’t rocket science, most people understand the basic principle of losing weight. Weight is lost through a negative energy balance, which is achieved when the caloric expenditure exceeds the caloric intake, or simply put you must burn more energy than you consume daily in order to consistently lose fat. Our programme focuses on this principle by giving you a low-calorie food plan to follow for 30 days. In order to do this safely we also need to supplement the body with targeted nutrients, your body is supported at a cellular level with a focus on optimal gut-health. This is a critical element of our programme. Plus, we eat REAL food, you will not starve, there are no meal replacement shakes, just great tasting food!

We believe in you and we want you to succeed.

Anyone can do this programme!

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, lean or slightly overweight, or you have been advised by a medical professional to change your lifestyle habits or risk serious consequences. Anyone can do this programme.

In this programme you are supported by a team of lifestyle Coaches. Our GHI Coaches have all experienced the effectiveness of this programme.  We adjusted it to our lifestyle and made it part of our everyday life. Thanks to this programme, we are now happier and more energetic than ever before.

This programme has been designed for simplicity! We recognise people can be time poor, between work, family and day to day activities often your own health is low on the priority list. We know you are searching for a better way to look after yourself, your health and your waistline. We teach you how to focus on a lifestyle adjustment towards healthier living for the rest of your life, that is simple, easy to follow and works like nothing you have ever experienced before.

At the end of the 30 days you are going to be shocked with your progress and how energised you feel. Anyone can do anything intensely for a short period of time. Imagine how incredible you will feel when you look in the mirror and the person you see looking back at you looks healthier, vibrant with a waistline you can be proud of.

Our programme is everything you need. It is affordable and effective to support you to change your life and lifestyle. In order to access the programme, you only need to purchase nutritional products. There are no monthly membership fees or additional costs. Once you receive the nutritional products, you will gain full access to the programme, and our online community plus your own one to one Coach, without paying anything extra. We believe in you and we want you to succeed.