The bacteria in our gut, collectively known as our microbiomes, do a lot of work for us. They help digest food and fend off disease, and, in return, we give them a home in our dark, warm, and damp interior — perfect for bacteria. 🏡 👌

So, if we want to be healthy, our microbiome needs to be healthy. 🌱 When things are going well in our microbiome, we feel normal.

The bacteria species in our guts pump out neuroactive chemicals, among them serotonin and dopamine, that get picked up by our peripheral nervous system and sent to our brains.

When there’s something wrong in our guts, we feel it in our brains. ✔️

A healthy gut, makes a huge difference to how we feel! If you want to learn how to reset your gut with great food and lose weight as well, message us today!